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CenturyLink Phone Service - Talk Clear, Stay Connected and Save!

CenturyLink phone service is available to residents in 35+ states, and is known best for crystal clear sound quality that makes connecting with your loved ones a double delight. Landline network coverage eliminates the frustration caused by patchy reception of signals relayed via cell towers. Since it is a landline service, your location gets identified too, in case there is an emergency. The 10+ essential and popular calling features on offer contribute greatly to making your daily communication streamlined and hassle-free.

In an age marked by digitalization a landline phone service may sound a bit too old-school however, CenturyLink phone service combines the convenience of a cell phone with the reliability of a landline, making it a serious contender.

Not just that, with unlimited local and long distance calling feature, your landline phone service can contribute massively towards cutting down on cell phone usage. Savings can be further maximized by bundling the CenturyLink Phone with high-speed internet. That way, you get to unlock your Price for Life CenturyLink Bundle. Without a contract or price hike, you can continue to enjoy all-round connectivity for as long as you choose to remain subscribed to the bundle and your dwelling address remains unchanged.


CenturyLink Phone – The Many Handy Calling Features

CenturyLink phone service gives you many reasons to fall for it. It is not just about great calling plans that allow you to talk to your heart’s content, without ever counting the minutes or breaking the bank. Rather, CenturyLink landline comes fully amped up with all the essential and most popular calling features too.

If you have a fast-track lifestyle, and your days run like clockwork, a home phone that makes daily communication as expedient as with a cell phone, may just be the affordable assistance you need. Take a look at some of the calling features available.

Voice Mail

Set up your voice mail and never leave a message unheard. You can also record your personalized greeting and retrieve messages from the voicemail directory with utmost ease.

Block Unwanted Calls

Blocking unwanted calls has never been so easy. You can take control of who you want to let in, and who you would rather add to the do-not-call list. Don’t fear that you’ll be bombarded with annoying calls on your home phone!

Caller ID

CenturyLink phone service clearly shows the ID of the person calling you. No need to pick unwanted or unnecessary calls on your landline phone courtesy this in-built feature.

Call Tracing

Call tracing is a much-needed feature. Any instance of harassment or threatening calls can be traced and subsequently reported to the relevant authorities. Safety of the consumer is the prime concern for CenturyLink and the driving force behind inclusion of such service features.

Call Waiting

Another incoming call while you’re on one? CenturyLink won’t make you drop your ongoing call rather let you attend all incoming calls via the Call Waiting feature. Now no calls will be left halfway!

Call Forwarding

Missing calls is a bummer. Surely no one likes to see a missed call on their smartphone let alone on their home phone. The call forwarding feature will forward your calls to any alternative number you have provided and all calls will be redirected when necessary.

Life-Long Savings with CenturyLink Phone and Internet Bundles

The price you see is the price you get forever!

That’s the one unbeatable appeal of CenturyLink Bundles. Couple your landline phone from CenturyLink with high-speed internet for a perfect connection, one that you can hold onto for life, if you so wish.

So, CenturyLink Phone and Internet bundles not only bring you discounted services, but you get to hit two birds with a single stone. You pay $85/mo. without any contract, or price hike for as long as you think the deal is fruitful.

Opting for CenturyLink Phone essentially gives you a chance to take your pick from any of the 5 internet speed tiers to make a bundle that fits your needs and wants. Run your internet as fast as 940 Mbps, and always stay connected with your loved ones via your unlimited landline service – that is a CenturyLink offer for Life!

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International Calling Plans Connect You Beyond Borders

CenturyLink does not leave the field unattended even in the arena of global calling, rather crosses every coast with economical international calling plans.

The Century™ Calling Plan lets you call 100+ countries with no time zones restrictions. Flexible plans allow you to connect with family and friends in Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries too, at reduced call rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

CenturyLink does not offer a mobile phone service.

The price of CenturyLink phone and internet bundles stands at $85/mo. and subscribers get to pay this bundle price for as long as they keep the package and remain at the same service address.

To check the availability of CenturyLink phone plans and bundles in your area, enter your ZIP code in the search tool above to fetch available deals.

Standalone CenturyLink phone service offering unlimited nationwide calling is priced at $60/mo. The Price for Life offer is not applicable to standalone phone service.