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Cox Bundle Deals are worth it - A little about our top pick

Cox Bronze Bundle is our top pick for everyone looking for all three services at discounted prices.

The internet speed of 150 Mbps is fast enough for downloading HD movies and gaming, that too simultaneously. The bundle is ideal for a home where 5-7 devices are connected to the network.

The Bronze Bundle also includes Contour TV with more than 140 unique channels. Contour TV is nothing like your traditional TV; it not only spoils you for choice in terms of programming but makes it fun to search for your favorite program. And guess what! It makes intelligent recommendations once it understands your choice.

That is not all! The Cox Bundle deal comes with a premier voice service too, which allows you to make unlimited calls within US as well as to Mexico & Canada. Moreover, it has 20+ digital features including E911; your address and phone number are automatically sent in case of a distress call to 911. You also get access to features such as call forwarding, call blocking, readable voice mail and many more.

Never Pay Extra with Cox Bundle Deals - Pick a plan that works for you

Cox packages have been designed keeping in mind everyone’s needs. There is an entire range of Double and Triple plays that you can choose from. Whether you are an individual with minimal needs or a large family with lots of devices and gamers, there is a plan intended just for you.

Moreover, you get a free HD receiver, a free self-install kit and Cox’s 30 day money back guarantee when you opt for any of Cox Packages.

Bronze Duo with Internet Preferred & Contour TV

for 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Download speed up to 150 Mbps
  • Upload speed up to 10 Mbps
  • 140+ Unique Channels in free HD programming
  • MTV, A&E, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, TCM, HGTV & more
  • Access 650,000+ free nationwide Hotspots

Cox SILVER Bundle with Voice Premier

for 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Download speed up to 500 Mbps
  • 140+ unique channels in free HD programming
  • Access 650,000+ free nationwide Hotspots
  • Unlimited nationwide calling with 20+ popular calling features

COX BRONZE Bundle with Voice Premier & Homelife

for 12 months with 2-yr. svc. agr.

  • Up to 150 Mbps download speed for 5-7 devices
  • Contour TV with 140+ channels in free HD
  • MTV, A&E, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, TCM, HGTV & more
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & 20+ calling features
  • Automate your home & control it remotely

*After promo period, regular rates apply. Prices exclude additional equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including video Broadcast Surcharge ($10.00/mo.) and Regional Sports Surcharge ($7.00/mo., depending on Cox market)) and other fees. Not all services and features are available everywhere.

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Stay connected with Cox Lightning Fast Internet

Salient Cox Internet Features

  • Speeds ranging from 10-940 Mbps
  • Fast in-home Wi-Fi gateway & extenders
  • Security Suite powered by McAfee
  • Access to nationwide network of Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Cox Internet you get a broad range of speeds at flexible prices that you can choose from as per your requirements. What sets Cox Internet apart is that it comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi, equipped with multiple features and smart enough to make your entire experience worthwhile. You acquire total control of internet in your household with the Panoramic Wi-Fi app.

Cox Internet packages also include free Security Suite powered by McAfee. The Security Suite keeps all your devices including laptops, PCs and cell phones safe from online threats such as viruses, ransomware and identity theft.

When you subscribe to Cox internet packages you also get access to more than 650,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country so that you don’t unnecessarily spend on cellular data plans.

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Download at speeds up to 940 Mbps, be spoiled for choice with 140+ Contour TV channels, and talk to your heart’s content with Unlimited long distance calling for only


*For 24 months with 2 year agreement

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Experience Personalized Entertainment like never before with Cox Contour TV

Cox has completely redefined the field of entertainment with Contour TV. Contour TV comes with predictive programming and a voice control remote that makes searching for a show effortless. Just place your command, and let the genie in the remote make it available immediately.

Never miss a show again with HD-DVR 6. Record 6 shows at a time and store thousands to watch later. A binge-watch movie weekend with family and friends was never easier to plan.

Also, get free access to 120 network apps when you subscribe to Cox TV.

Take your entertainment wherever you go with Cox Contour TV app. The app converts your tablet and phone screen into TV so you never have to worry about your entertainment options no matter where you are.

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Salient Cox TV Features

  • 250+ channels with Contour TV Ultimate in HD
  • Access premium networks like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime etc.
  • Spice up TV with Sports, Movie and Variety Paks
  • TV Everywhere with Cox Contour TV app

Distance doesn’t matter with Cox Phone

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Salient Cox Phone features

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Economical international calling options
  • Home phone anywhere with Cox Voice Everywhere
  • Enjoy the freedom of customization via Voice Tools

Cox Phone offers crystal clear voice so keeping in touch with friends and family is never an issue. The best part is you get to enjoy unlimited nationwide calling and you can also stay connected with family and friends in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands with Cox residential phone service.

Also, you get to enjoy 20+ unique digital features that make your life easier. Whether it is getting rid of Robocalls or blocking anonymous numbers, forwarding calls to a different number or benefitting from 3-way calling, Cox voice service facilitates you.

You can even convert your cell phone into your home phone with Cox Voice Everywhere app and get your home calls on your cell phone.

A quick comparison - Cox deals vs Spectrum’s

COX Spectrum
Type of Service Cable Cable
Average Package Price Range $39.99-$159.99 $54.98-$139.97
TV Channels 250+ 200+
Internet Speed 30 Mbps – 940 Mbps 100+ Mbps
Voice Features Readable voicemail, Call blocking, anonymous calls, E911, and more Readable voicemail, Call blocking, anonymous calls, and more

Cox Bundles - FAQs

Cox offers flexible plans for businesses. Cox Business Internet Gateway is an ideal plan for businesses. It comes with Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 support, featuring Gigabit-speed connections, 8-port router, business-grade security, and coverage up to 3,000 sq. ft. If you need Wi-Fi for more than 3000 sq. ft. Cox can offer you that as well. You can call Cox and design a plan that works for you. Cox Phone for businesses includes cloud based calling on Cox network, which lets you manage your calls from any internet connected device. Cox Phone for businesses comes with 24/7 support, tailored installation, and training alongside a host of other features. For more details Call us now 1-855-349-9316 or Order Online
If you order only phone, it will cost you $29.99 per month, while standalone internet services cost a minimum $39.99 per month for speeds as fast as 30 Mbps. When you order internet and phone together, it will cost you a minimum $39.99 per month for bundled services. You will get internet at a speed of 30 Mbps and Voice Premier with unlimited long distance calling. For more details Call us now 1-855-349-9316 or Order Online
When you bundle Cox services you get more value for money and more features that you don’t get when you offer the same on standalone basis. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about making multiple payments to different service providers. One bill takes care of it all. For more details Call us now 1-855-349-9316 or Order Online
Cox Business bundle includes phone and high speed internet packaged into one at discounted prices. You get speeds up to 1000 Mbps and powerful calling features that keep your business connected. For more details Call us now 1-855-349-9316 or Order Online
You will have to pay the taxes, charges for the associated equipment and professional installation apart from the price of the bundle. For more details Call us now 1-855-349-9316 or Order Online