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Best For: Existing Customers, Customer Service Concerns, Adding Services, Address Changes

Speed and reliability are just a phone call away with Frontier. With a focus on savings, Frontier provides big value with TV, Internet, and phone bundles. All of the above numbers lead to a courteous Frontier customer service agent ready to assist with adding services, changing your address, general inquiries, and lots more. The automated menu will identify your account via the number you’re calling from, or you’ll be asked to enter the phone number for the account you’re calling about. You’re just a call away from getting the help and the services you need with Frontier Communications.

Para Español, Press 9.

Frontier Communications Bill Pay Phone Number

Best For: Existing Customers, To Pay Your Bill

Need to pay your Frontier bill? Call this phone number and you’ll be connected with a Frontier agent who can assist with your billing questions. If the automated menu can’t identify you via the number you’re calling from, you’ll be asked to supply the phone number associated with the account before proceeding. Frontier makes resolving your payment concerns as easy as picking up the phone.

Para Español, Press 9.

Existing customers press 1. Former Verizon customers, press 2.

To reach a Frontier collections agent, dial 1-855-267-6778.

Frontier Business Edge Phone Number

Best For: Business Customer Service, Existing Business Accounts, Business Technical Support

Frontier Business Edge customers can contact this phone number and receive help with bill pay, technical support, general inquiries, and customer service concerns for business accounts. Have your service phone number handy so representatives can pull up your business account.

Frontier Technical Support

Best For: Existing Customers, Address Change, Moving Services

Need support with a technical issue? Frontier is here to help. Dial either number listed above to reach a Frontier agent who will assist in resolving your technical concern any hour of the day. Already identified your issue and looking to check-in on an existing support ticket? You can check your ticket status online.

Frontier Secure Support

Best For: Existing Secure Support Customers, Secure Support Technical Issues, Secure Support Bill Pay

If you’ve got a question about your Frontier Security Services, you’ve found the right phone number. Call to receive support with general inquiries, technical issues, customer service concerns, and bill pay for Frontier Secure. Getting assistance with your Frontier Secure account is at your fingertips.

Before You Call

There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand to help your call to Frontier go as smoothly as possible. We recommend having the following items in front of you before you dial.

Your Account Number: Log into and find your account number, resources, and additional ways to connect with Frontier Communications. Business Edge customers can access their account information and online services through the same portal.

If you have a recent bill, the account number is usually in the upper right hand corner of the bill. To see a detailed explanation of your Frontier bill along with helpful videos and plenty of resources, visit Frontier Help Center's Read My Bill Page.

Can’t find your account number? That’s okay. A helpful Frontier customer service representative can usually pull up your information via the phone number associated with the account.

The Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number: You may be asked this question for the purposes of confirming your identity and to verify you have permission to manage the account you are calling about.

Billing or Service Address: If you are looking to set up or move service, it’s helpful to have the exact address to ensure the representative can assist you properly.

Paper, pen or note-taking device: Keep something on hand so you can quickly jot down confirmation numbers, names, and phone numbers.

Frontier Communication
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Other Ways to Contact Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications has several ways for their customers to get assistance online. Use any of the following links for support with customer service concerns, technical issues, billing questions, and more.

Frontier Online Help Center: A wealth of resources is at your fingertips. Browse Frontier’s Help Center to find assistance with your questions and concerns.

My Frontier: Sign in with your Frontier ID to access your account, pay your bill, and more. Both residential and Business Edge customers use the same portal page to log in. You can also access My Frontier via the Frontier App, available in Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Ticket Status: Did you already submit a ticket to Frontier for a technical issue and you’re eager to check the status? Log into this page to see updates on how the issue is progressing and estimates on when it will be resolved.

Frontier Retail Stores: Come on in to get help at a Frontier retail store. These stores scattered across Frontier service areas offer assistance with equipment, scheduling appointments, or adding new services for existing customers. Use the Store Directory below to find the Frontier retail store nearest you.

Frontier Support Wizard: Got a technical issue with your TV, Internet, or phone service? No problem. Frontier’s Support Wizard is here to help. The online, automated wizard breaks down commons problems with pictures and step by step guides that’ll assist in resolving the problem.

Email Frontier: You can send an email to Frontier to get a response for general questions, customer service concerns, technical issues, provide feedback, and much more. Use the following address and a courteous online Frontier agent will get back to you shortly

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