HughesNet Internet Plans Are Exclusively Yours!

HughesNet internet plans cover your needs with generosity. Whether you’re someone who has a fast-paced lifestyle or one who needs internet for multiple device connectivity, don’t underestimate HughesNet internet service.

Every HughesNet plan is defined by a different data limit. Every data tier however, comes with the same download and upload speed. Regardless of where you are located in the U.S. you will benefit from satellite internet as fast as 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. While data limits will remain exceptionally soft, never causing you to lose connectivity.

HughesNet truly cares about its coast-to-coast customer base. The reason why you see plans crafted to fit unique individual and household requirements, as well as such flexible data caps.

Which HughesNet Internet Plan is the Best for Me?

HughesNet Gen5 internet plans are designed to encompass varied needs – that of a single internet user, a small sized family with rather modest connectivity demands, or a large household with excessive internet usage. There’s a plan for everyone – a befitting one for the binge-streamer, remote worker, and the standard web surfer – and each plan allows you multi-device connectivity too.

Take a look at what can you accomplish with the varied data plans from HughesNet Gen5.

Small families thriving with kids and adolescents, this one is for you. The plan’s overall data limit supports 3-5 users and is the perfect find for smaller families that enjoy Netflix, browsing the web and scrolling social media feeds.

The 10 GB internet plan by HughesNet supports light usage by 1-2 users. Subscribers can easily keep up with essential telecommuting needs, web browsing and other light-weight online activities. Streaming music and video content may be limited, but not entirely impossible.

The whole family flocks to the internet and no one is left behind! A fixed data package of 50 GB allows 7-8 users to enjoy their daily internet shenanigans, while also making it possible to work remotely. You can attend conference calls, with the power to upload and download bandwidth-heavy files without a care.

Bandwidth-hungry households that have a lot of downloading going on don’t have to look for alternatives. Families with 5-6 members can stream, download, surf the web and use social media without worrying about excessive data consumption.

The Perks You Get as a HughesNet Internet Subscriber

HughesNet is deemed America’s #1 choice for high-speed satellite internet. With satellite coverage as extensive as encompassing all of U.S., the innovative satellite internet provider shines bright among rural and suburban regions, which suffer from limited to no access to wired broadband connectivity.

Satellite internet by HughesNet is delivered to the consumer via fifth-generation tech utilizing high-throughput satellites. Expertise at employing SmartTechnologies™ enables HughesNet to further enhance the user experience with revolutionary features that help optimize data usage.

Unlimited Data with a Twist

It’s common practice for ISPs to charge more once the monthly data limit is exceeded. HughesNet doesn’t do that. You aren’t asked to renew your plan or pay an overage charge, nor are you cut off from the World Wide Web. Instead, HughesNet simply limits the download speed to 1-3 Mbps until the next billing cycle starts.

That is however, not the only way the provider ensures your data stream is not allowed to dry up. HughesNet Internet also brings every subscriber the Bonus Zone – bonus data worth 50 GB/month is at your disposal during off-peak hours (2am to 8am). So if you have to conduct heavy downloads, schedule them for the Bonus Zone through the Download Manager. No need to count every minute, and every megabyte consumed!

Plus, you always have the convenience of Data Tokens at your beck and call. You can always opt to buy yourself additional data if you happen to have run out of your allotted allowance a bit too quickly.

Super-fast Satellite Speeds

It’s mere tittle-tattle when it’s said satellite internet will lag you down. In 2017 HughesNet made history by becoming the first satellite-based internet provider to have fulfilled the broadband criterion as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That is more than reason why a rusty DSL connection available to most rural households can never match up to the quality of satellite connectivity made possible by HughesNet Internet.

For all 4 data tiers, download and upload speeds come standard at 25 Mbps and 3 Mbps respectively. More than sufficient for everything from the most basic tasks like email and browsing to streaming Netflix and downloading gigabit files.

Ranked #1 by FCC for meeting or exceeding advertised downstream and upstream speeds, HughesNet Internet is the only optimal choice for Americans, who are otherwise dependent on feeble connections that cannot bear the strain of todays’ connectivity needs.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Every HughesNet high-speed internet plan comes equipped with a satellite modem that has a built-in Wi-Fi router too. So you can feel at ease about having to deal with only one piece of equipment. The arrangement reduces the number of devices you have to handle, and gives you a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the house. The 2-in-1 modem from HughesNet utilizes the latest tech (dual-band 802.11ac), effectively covers multiple devices, and ensures you don’t suffer from lagging connectivity.

Not only that, but your wireless connection is made thoroughly secure – so much so there is a separate guest Wi-Fi feature that allows you to offer connectivity to visitors without risking the security of your in-home network.

Nationwide Availability

It’s a rarity to find an ISP that provides internet services literally anywhere you get a clear view of the skies. HughesNet is that one next-Gen gem that offers access to high-speed satellite internet in 50+ states. All U.S. regions where fiber-optic and cable broadband fails to reach, and old-school DSL, delivered over copper phone lines is the only choice, HughesNet high-speed internet comes to the rescue. Reason why the provider has become the prime choice of rural and suburban population seeking a worthy broadband internet connection.


Are You Sure HughesNet Internet is Available in My Area?

HughesNet has a well-established history of serving America’s government, military, businesses, and the residential neighborhoods since 1996. Although, it was not until 2012 the brand was given its current name. Between 2016 and 2018, the network coverage furnished by HughesNet was expanded, with Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador coming into the Hughes fold.

Today, HughesNet coverage comes to the rescue of all Americans who have their homes away from the hustle-bustle of urban life. In areas where there is little to no wired connectivity, satellite broadband from the provider is the best bet.

To reconfirm HughesNet availability in your neighborhood, and to subscribe to satellite broadband, enter your ZIP code in the search tool above, or call at 1-855-349-9309.

All 4 HughesNet Gen5 plans come without strict data limits. In case a subscriber exceeds the given data limit, the speed declines to 1-3 Mbps, but you remain connected. You can always resort to Bonus data during off-peak hours (2 am – 8 am), and you can also conveniently purchase Data Tokens at an additional charge.
Here are all the reasons why you should opt for Gen5:
  • High-speed satellite internet delivering speeds as advertised
  • Free Wi-Fi modem with every plan to ensure wall-to-wall coverage
  • Soft data caps, no overage charge & 50 GB/month Bonus data
  • HughesNet Internet reaches the urban and suburban neighborhoods alike
HughesNet satellite coverage is outspread from the West to the East coast. Alaska and Puerto Rico are not left behind either. Call 1-855-349-9309 to get further details or reconfirm availability by ZIP via the search tool above.
Internet speed for all 4 data tier plans that bring you HughesNet Gen5 internet comes standard at 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. The plans only vary in terms of data limit.

*If you exceed your monthly plan data, you will experience reduced data speeds until the start of your next billing period.
Reduced speeds will typically be in the range of 1 - 3 Mbps and may cause Web sites to load more slowly or affect the performance of certain activities, such as video streaming or large downloads/uploads.