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Company Description

RCN – Top quality at the Best Price

RCN has been operating for three decades in Allentown and Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Washington, D.C.; and New York City, NY. By offering its superior services to millions of customers, RCN has become a beloved internet, TV, and home phone provider.

The ethos of the company is focus on customer care. Take care of your customers, and the business will take care of itself. That philosophy has led to excellent digital programming delivered through the latest infrastructure. RCN’s internet takes care of all your online experiences by ensuring the promised speed at reasonable prices.

Not every city is fortunate to have services the likes of RCN. Explore more to see why RCN is the best choice for your home entertainment and work needs.


RCN Internet


  • Up to 250 Mbps download speed
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Feature-rich RCN Webmail
  • McAfee® internet security products
  • Rated #1 ISP by PC Mag

$39.99/mo *for 12 months

Digital TV

  • Signature TV Package
  • Contract Free
  • 69+ channels
  • Interactive Guide, Parental Controls
  • Disney, AMC, ESPN, Hallmark, Food Network and many more networks
  • RCN On Demand

$29.99/mo *for 12 months

Home Phone

  • Limitless nationwide calling
  • Digital Voicemail
  • 17 calling features
  • Free calls to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada
  • 20 messages storage space for 30 days

$19.99/mo *for 12 months

Why Customers Love RCN

Winning the trust of customers and building up a loyal base of users isn’t easy, but RCN has managed to do just that because of its pledge to be a provider which goes beyond what you expect from traditional providers.

Crazy Internet

RCN Internet Speed

Best Channel

Channel Lineups

Convenient Home Phone


U.S. Based Customer Service

Customer Service

Fiber based coverage

RCN’s physical infrastructure is top-notch fiber rich network. The endeavor to upgrade the network is always underway, without you even knowing. The reason why services keep performing up to RCN’s high standards at all times. You get to enjoy communication via fiber, the best internet technology right now. Download speed of up to 1 Gbps is available.

At RCN the emphasis on innovation is unlike any other provider, so expect the best for your internet service.

Fiber based coverage
Pocket TV

TV in Your Pocket

You can’t sit in front of a TV all day, but you can take the TV with you in your pocket! Whenever you feel like watching something, just use the RCN2GO app downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store for android on any device. You can watch on your laptop or PC as well. TV apps by other networks also work on RCN to let you watch live TV. Other apps include TV Everywhere, HBO GO® & Showtime Anytime® and more.


RCN TiVo® Integration

Do you love TiVo®? Then you can’t find a network better than RCN. You get TiVo® T6 DVR which can store 150 hours of high definition content. Even Netflix and Facebook are built-in to TiVo® on RCN. Plus, you get customized, AI driven suggestions for new series and shows to watch.



Besides the amazing channel lineup on RCN HD, you can also get 4K UHD. If your TV set is capable of displaying this resolution, you’d be missing out without RCN’s 4k Channels subscription. You need RCN’s 100 Mbps or more connection for 4k streaming.

Channels Glore

Channels Galore

RCN has a wide array of premier networks, and sports packages. No matter what you’re into, the customizable packages of RCN allow you to subscribe to your desired content at the best price in Boston. It’s astounding that you can get such a huge channel list for the best price. No other provider can compete with the value you get on RCN Digital TV!

International Channels

International Channels

RCN offers you 80 international channels in 14 languages. Keep up with entertainment, news, and shows from your favorite foreign country. Never lose touch with your culture and values with RCN’s international channel coverage. Comparing the international channel offerings versus any other provider RCN wins easily.

RCN Cares

No cliché: RCN Actually Cares

Every business says they care about their customer. RCN however proves it by letting you in on industry information on operational costs. As a customer you will notice when RCN does increase its annual price, it does so much less than other providers. The RCN executives fight for their customers against major TV networks to keep prices down, and it does end up making a difference to your bill.

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