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  • TV Select

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  • $44.99/mo
    For the first12 months

  • 125+ digital channels

    Enjoy thousands of On-Demand choices

    Spectrum TV available

    Download 80+ network apps and take on-the-go

  • TV Silver

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  • $44.99+$20/mo
    For the first 12 months

  • 175+ digital channels

    Enjoy thousands of On Demand choices

    Download 80+ network apps and take on-the-go

    Includes HBO, Showtime and Digital Tier 1

  • TV Gold

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  • $44.99/+$40mo
    For 12 months

  • 200+ digital channels

    Download 80+ network apps and take on-the-go

    Includes HBO, Showtime and more

    Digital Tier 1 and Digital Tier 2 Included

Flexibility with DVR

Immerse yourself in the ultimate viewing experience. Spectrum’s multi-room DVR gets you unparalleled flexibility, allowing to record two shows together. You can watch one show live and record the other. Store up to 200 hours of regular programming or 75 hours of HD programming. That is not all! Watch what you like from the wide variety of On-Demand options. Spectrum’s On-Demand library offers a wide variety with over 10,000 choices and 1,500 titles in HD!

DVR by time Warner

Watch again by Spectrum

Start Over

Missed the action? “Start Over”. Never miss the start of your show, “Start Over” allows you to reach home and start the ongoing show.

DVR by time Warner Spectrum

Look Back

No problem if you forgot to program your DVR to record your favorite show. Spectrum offers “Look Back” so that you can watch primetime programming up to past 72 hours!

On Demand Channels


Always have something to watch with more than 10,000 On-demand choices. HD titles gives you the freedom in High Definition.

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