Xfinity Service is Top-Notch

Comcast Xfinity is the #1 broadband internet provider in the USA. That’s quite a feat, because of the high level of competition in the industry. Xfinity has attained this rank based on its stable and reliable service. Xfinity Internet, Xfinity TV and Xfinity Phone can be combined to form a bundle which saves you money and delivers entertainment and connectivity for years to come.

Incredible Xfinity Internet

Xfinity’s internet is capable of delivering a range of download speeds to meet the needs of everyone. Choose speeds from up to 75 Mbps to as much as 1,000 Mbps. That means whether you need internet only for yourself or for a family of many people, Comcast has you covered. Xfinity availability is extensive: 39 states are offered services. Order online to find out if services are available in your zip code. With Xfinity Internet, you get:

  • Virtually unlimited data (1TB/mo.)
  • Simultaneous multiple device-connectivity
  • Highly advanced in-home Wi-Fi

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Leisure Time with Xfinity TV

All of America’s beloved TV channels are available on Xfinity TV’s lineup. No matter which TV channels you want to watch, irrespective of the genre, all you have to do is order Xfinity TV. Most of the channels are broadcast in crisp-HD so that each pixel does justice to the technologies available today. You’ll view only the highest quality picture on Xfinity TV. Order online to find if services are available in your area. With Xfinity TV, you get:

  • Smart X1 Cable TV System
  • 4k Ultra HD programming
  • Amazing sports and premium channel offers

And much more! Learn all there is to know about Xfinity Tv

Heart to Heart on Xfinity Phone

The home phone by Xfinity is a truly new age service. VoIP based Xfinity Phone offers crystal clear call quality so that you never have to repeat yourself. The phone service manages to achieve this level of performance by connecting to your Xfinity Internet via the Wi-Fi. Xfinity’s digital phone service comes with several useful features to help you save time and effort. Order online to find if services are available in your area. With Xfinity Phone, you get:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling + unlimited calling to many countries
  • Features for dialing, calling, diverting calls & more
  • Text on mobile devices via Xfinity Connect App

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Xfinity Packages that Stand Out from the Usual

The Xfinity brand is a household name because of its well-thought out bundles that are exactly what its customers want. Due to the variety of choices, you will find there’s already a package which fits your needs perfectly. These are a few of the most popular Xfinity packages among customers.

X1 Saver Pro Triple Play

$89.99/mo.*For 12 months with a 1-year agreement

  • 140+ Digital Channels
  • Includes FX, AMC, HGTV and Comedy Central
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps*
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
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X1 Saver Pro Double Play

$79.99/mo.*For 12 months with 1-year agreement

  • 140+ Digital Channels
  • Xfinity Stream App
  • Huge On Demand Library of movies and shows
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps*
  • Entertainment in HD
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
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X1 Preferred Pro Double Play

$114.99/mo.*For 12 months with 1-year agreement

  • 220+ Digital Channels
  • NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network & more
  • Download Speeds: Up to 275 Mbps*
  • Use up to 11 devices at the same time
  • Stream in HD on multiple devices
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* After term agreement, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Price does not include equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges. Not all programming available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.

Xfinity Customer Care Bonuses

There are a few facets of service unique to Xfinity which you’re unlikely to get with any other provider. Below are a few ways that reflect how Xfinity goes all out for you.

Xfinity Customer Commitment

When a company is providing services to tens of millions of households like Xfinity is, it’s complicated to keep everyone happy. Through decades of experience, customer feedback, market research, and just a general concern for a good customer experience, Xfinity pledges to:

  • Respect your time
  • Simplify your experience
  • Make things right in case of falling short

Being treated respectfully and being taken seriously when you call is a hallmark of Xfinity. Any time you’re inconvenienced, Xfinity Customer Care will not rest until they make you happy.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you’re buying a tangible product in a store, you can pick it up, turn it over, and feel it in your hand. You can read the labels and other information. How do you decide if an internet, cable TV, and voice service provider is really as good as it claims to be? The answer is a service trial period. That’s what you get with Xfinity.

Order with confidence that you’re taking no financial risk by subscribing to Xfinity services! If you find that service isn’t top quality, call Xfinity within the first 30 days of service activation and you will be given your money back without having to wait long.

24/7 Xfinity Customer Service

99% of the time you’ll not have to worry about customer service. But for those rare instances when any of your Xfinity services isn’t working perfectly, you have a professional team of agents ready to assist. You can choose the day and time to call, because Xfinity Customer Service staff are available around the clock. Even on federal holidays, they are at work to take Xfinity Customer Service calls.

Two-Hour Appointment Window

When you call and invite us to install Xfinity services at your home, Xfinity will give you a two-hour window during which the professional installation team will show up. You will not be sitting at home wondering when the Xfinity team will show up, after having put off your plans to go out.

If the installation team doesn’t show up before the window deadline, you get $20 credit ($25 in Illinois).

So Many Provider Choices. Why go for Xfinity? Here’s why!

You’re probably considering Xfinity as your broadband, cable, and voice service provider. If you’re not sure, check out these solid reasons to choose Xfinity.

Norton™ Security

One of the best online security company’s services are offered as part of Xfinity Internet. Stay safe from viruses, spyware, malware, and adware on your PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Get rid of any malicious files already infecting your devices. Get special identity theft protection for a price singular to Xfinity Internet customers. Get Norton Secure VPN to browse with encryption at home and in public.

Norton™ Security


By choosing to get the xFi Gateway modem + router you’ll get to experience the true capabilities of Wi-Fi. No more Wi-Fi dead zones at home! Get the same level of powerful wireless signals in your garage, attic, yard, or the spare bedroom as you do in your living room via xFi Pods. Controlling access on a device and user level is easy; guests can connect without need for a password. Parental controls let you pause the internet or limit usage of individual users.

Leverage your Wi-Fi to secure your home via HD, night-vision capable Xfinity camera with 24/7 recording that detects any moving person, animal, or vehicle.

Use Your Own Equipment

Are you an IT expert? A tech whiz? You will be sorely missing out on the awesome features of the xFi system, but hey, you do have the choice to go with your own internet equipment. Unfortunately, Xfinity customer service won’t be able to provide you any tech support in this case. Xfinity does have a list of compatible equipment for interested customers.

Xfinity Own Equipment
Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Entertainment just feels better on Xfinity X1 cable TV. The amazing channel lineup for a great price, based on the latest technologies is what you get on Xfinity Cable. Subscribe to an X1 eligible package and use the X1 TV box for an immersive televisual experience. The X1 Voice Remote lets you switch channels, use Netflix, or search across channels, YouTube, Netflix and more by just giving out verbal commands. Watch every pass, every goal, every hit, and every basket in 4k UHD. The smart X1 guide makes suggestions, displays trending shows and series, saves your favorites, and enables smart search. Record 6 shows simultaneously and store them on 500 GBs of DVR space.

Availability Map

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We need your SSN to place your order for Xfinity services. Your credit score is not affected because most credit bureaus don’t take utility payments into account. However, if you don’t pay your cable TV, internet, and voice bill, it could negatively affect your credit score. The highest privacy standards are enforced to protect your SSN information, which is kept highly confidential.
A deposit is charged by Xfinity as a collateral. It is refundable. To get the amount credited back to your account (without interest unless required by law), your Xfinity account must remain in good standing for 12 months, or you disconnect all services.
After 12 months of your account being in good standing with Xfinity, or when you disconnect all Xfinity services.
These are Xfinity’s new concept of retail spaces. They allow you to either get your task accomplished quickly (such as paying a bill), or to take your time and truly experience what a service like Xfinity X1 Cable, or Xfinity Internet can do for your home.
After you order online, getting a call will be a matter of hours, at most 24.
Xfinity’s X1 Digital Cable is a new age cable TV service with voice control, smart guide, 4k UHD resolution, and an epic channel lineup order online now!
Xfinity Digital Cable is better in every conceivable way. Check out the Xfinity TV page for more information.
Most modern TV models are compatible with Xfinity Digital Cable. To find out if your older TV is compatible, contact Xfinity Customer Service.
Check Xfinity service availability on the order online page.

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