Take Advantage of Promo Pricing on Xfinity Cable TV Packages

Don’t miss out on these amazing Xfinity TV deals with special pricing for 1-yr or 2-yr agreements. You can also get a few Xfinity cable packages with no term agreements. This flexibility to choose is why so many people love Xfinity TV!

X1 Starter Pro Double Play + Extreme Pro Internet

$79.99/mo.*For 12 months with a 1-year agreement

  • 500 Mbps download speed*
  • 140+ Channels including ESPN, Nickelodeon, Bravo & more
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • 20 hours of DVR storage
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • 12+ simultaneous users
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Xfinity TV Digital Economy

$39.95/mo.*For 12 months with 1-year agreement

  • 100+ Channels
  • E!, History HD, CNN, Comedy Central, UniMás & more
  • Big On Demand library for shows and movies
  • Xfinity X1 TV eligible
  • TV anywhere with Xfinity Stream App
  • Optional premium networks for reasonable extra fees
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Xfinity X1 Saver Pro Triple Play

$89.99/mo.*For 12 months with 1-year agreement

  • Up to 100 Mbps download speed
  • Access to tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Norton™ online security included
  • 140+ Channels with X1 TV Box and Remote
  • Add Sports tier for only $9.99/mo. (optional)
  • Call unlimited nationwide + many international destinations
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* After term agreement, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Price does not include equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges. Not all programming available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.

Xfinity TV Packages

Looking for standalone Xfinity TV service? Here are the Xfinity cable TV plans sure to bring you joy and laughter.

Plan Channel Count Price
Digital Economy 100+ $39.95/mo.* with no term agreement
Digital Starter 140+ channels $49.99/mo.* for 12 mo. with 1-yr agreement $59.99/mo.* with no term agreement
Digital Preferred 220+ channels $59.99/mo.* for 12 mo. with 1-yr agreement $69.99/mo.* with no term agreement

Offers and availability are not guaranteed and subject to change.
*For 12 months

Full Xfinity TV Channel Lineup

Check out the full Xfinity X1 Cable TV channel list.*

These channels are representative of what the provider offers its cable subscribers. Which channels you’ll get will depend on the Xfinity bundle or Xfinity X1 cable plan chosen by you.

Xfinity Isn’t Just Any Provider; it’s a Whole Lot More

Most of the features offered by different TV providers are quite similar. It’s hard to differentiate between the provider options. But there are ways that Xfinity sets itself apart from others. Find out how:

KidsZone on Xfinity X1

Being a parent is the best thing ever, but it can be energy-draining to keep an eye on the little ones all the time. With Kidszone on Xfinity X1, you can rest assured only age-appropriate content will cross the screen. For kids under 12, it’s an entertaining and safe service while the parents relax.

Advanced Parental Controls

Do you want to restrict mature rated content on Xfinity X1 for your family? No problem. You can block content On Demand as well as on Pay-Per-View besides the cable TV networks. This is a great solution to control what your family has access to watch.

Special Xfinity Deals for College Students

You read it right. Ask for Xfinity special offer for college students living off-campus, as well as some on-campus locations! Comcast Xfinity will verify your identity and get you’ll the extras that no other category of customers gets! Enjoy up to $100 Visa® Prepaid Card plus free streaming.

Xfinity Military Offer

Comcast is proud of the men and women who serve our country. To honor their service, there is a special Xfinity Military Offer as a gesture of gratitude. Upon ordering Xfinity services they are entitled to, all active duty, Reserve, National Guard, retired military, and veteran personnel are offered a $100 gift card plus a $25 Xfinity entertainment coupon. Use the coupon for anything like Pay-Per-View, or getting credit on your bill.

Add-On Channels

Comcast Xfinity Cable TV has a ton of options for fans of all types of content. Lovers of the latest series airing on a premium network? HBO®, Starz®, Showtime®, Cinemax®, and The Movie Channel® are available for the best price on Xfinity X1.

Sports fanatics can get every major sports network such as NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, College Sports, NASCAR, MLS Direct Kick, and HBO Boxing PPV.

International networks for foreign language programming are available from regions all over the world; Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Perks Enjoyed by Xfinity TV Subscribers

Xfinity TV subscribers get some special privileges which really make them happy with the service they are enjoying. Want to know the reasons people love Xfinity X1 cable TV service? You’re not likely to find this level of service from any competitor. Behold:

Advanced Xfinity X1 Cable TV

X1 is Xfinity’s advanced cable TV system. Integrated with many cool features, it makes life easier for users. You will get an advanced voice remote which responds to verbal commands for using the cable system. Troubleshoot or manage your account with your X1 Voice Remote. It also lets you use the advanced search features of the program guide.

Norton™ Security

Advanced X1 Program Guide

Your favorite streaming platforms are smart enough to suggest series and movies you like. Why shouldn’t cable TV be the same? Xfinity X1 can make suggestions for what to watch on TV based on your favorite titles on cable networks and streaming services.

Additionally, it shows you what’s trending nationally among tens of millions of Xfinity TV users. Not to forget, X1 Cable brings you channels and shows high up on your favorites list. X1 also gives you a single search bar to scour all your TV networks plus your streaming services for the keywords you’re entering. So convenient!

Integrate Streaming Platforms

You’re probably a consumer of a few popular streaming services. Their original or licensed content is demanded by entertainment fans. Just ask your X1 Voice Remote to show you the best of Xfinity Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, Netflix, or YouTube.

Xfinity Own Equipment
Xfinity X1 Cable TV

TV Anywhere: Xfinity Stream App

All customers of cable TV expect to be able to watch live TV as well as On Demand content from anywhere, while on the go. Xfinity brings you a great streaming app through which you can also access Xfinity Streampix i.e. Xfinity’s extensive library of televisual content, more commonly known as Comcast’s On Demand media streaming service. Besides letting you watch your favorite stuff from TV or Streampix, the Xfinity Stream App allows you to schedule DVR recordings. Engross yourself in your favorite shows and movies, commercial free. The Xfinity library i.e. Streampix is massive, and by that we mean it has 299,000+ titles for instant viewing.

Xfinity TV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Xfinity does offer local channels from your area. Check the channel list above to get an idea of the local channels you will be getting on Xfinity cable TV.
Blackouts occur due to disagreements over fees between content creating companies and content delivery companies such as Xfinity. However, Xfinity TV does not suffer from blackouts often, and you’re unlikely to be denied watching your favorite content.
Xfinity has its own media streaming service, Xfinity Streampix, which has content from all your TV networks in one place. It’s much more convenient to watch on any screen, from anywhere, using Xfinity Stream App.
On the X1 enabled system, you can simply start typing the name of the event using your remote, select it, and follow the instructions.
It is an app for Xfinity TV customers to be able to watch all their cable TV networks and On Demand content on any screen at any time.
Xfinity On Demand is a library of movies and series available to watch at any time, from any screen. It has hundreds of thousands of titles for everyone in the family to watch.
The Xfinity Digital Video Recorder lets you record six shows simultaneously, has 500 GB of storage space, and you can access the DVR via cloud storage from anywhere.

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